Moody Autumn 2013. Photos of stormy Langland Bay, Gower.

Signpost Langland

With the Autumn weather and a few storms turning up I have found my walking restricted to Langland Bay which is a great all weather walk. These photos come from two visits, and on the second visit I was joined by Winnie the Bulldog.  You can read all about how to walk at Langland from my previous Gower Walking blog post. Here is Winnie looking more fierce than the storm.


Here are the moody calm before the storm shots.

Calm before the storm

I think Gower in the bad weather is sometimes more spectacular than when it is in the sun.


The deep black Sea.

Langland Head

Then the storm came in.  This surfer contemplates the massive surf.


Winnie decides to go and give the surfer some big wave surfing pointers…

Winnie surf coaching

…and bites off a bit more than she can chew.

Wet Winnie

One wet bulldog, caught by one of the set waves.  Finally here is me and Winnie, getting out what ever the weather, DimExcuses.