Gower Spring Walks 2. Three Cliffs Valley, Bay and Pobbles Bay May 2013.


already posted a walk similar to this in my Gower winter walks: Gower Winter Walks 2. Pennard Castle and Three Cliffs Bay Circular Route. I GPS tracked that trail with Everytrail and you can see that map here.  This time I took a slightly different route dropping into the valley and then climbing over Three Cliffs as the tide cut me off before I could get through the cave. This time I tried tracking my walk with Strava Run. I am trying the Strava android application because it keeps a running total of my walking allowing me to compare what I am doing each week and month. You need to sneakily tell the app that you are running as it won’t add walks to your on-going results. I am also trying this app for GPS tracking my mountain bike rides.

I went very wide around the golf course towards the Sandy Lane chalet settlement. If you haven’t been here before aim for the large water tower and be careful passing the golf course. There are white stones to follow but these can be hard to see.

Pennard Castle View

Once you are by the water tower head towards Pennard Castle. The view is magnificent. At this point I chose to go down into the valley by following the very steep and very sandy path. This is not the route for anyone with mobility issues, instead follow the boardwalk as outlined in my winter walk.

Three Cliffs Bay

You should also check the tide because the valley floods at high tide and before that the tide can cut off the cave through to Pobbles Bay. I didn’t get this right, so I had to climb up to Three Cliffs and go over the top. There is a path to do this but it is hard to find. It is in a gully in the cliff and is definitely one for the more agile walker.


This did allow me to get some great photos of Three Cliffs Bay before moving around into Pobbles. These two bays really are Jewels of Gower and highlights of the coast in Wales. The sea is still quite cold from our unseasonal spring, 8 degrees and this was the Sunday of the first may Bank Holiday! But that didn’t stop Sadie the spaniel going for a dip.



Pobbles Bay funnels to a narrow storm beach and there is one central path back to Pennard Golf Club where it is a short road walk back to the start. This is definitely one of my favourite DimExcuses Gower walks.