Jump in the Pool! Zante 2015. It is all Greek to me 2.

Jump in the pool Zante 2015

So there I was in the middle of the Mediterranean. I had seen the sunrise on the beach (It is all Greek to me 1), and I was signed up for two weeks sun & snorkeling with friends in Zante, Greece.

Swim Zante

We were staying in Hotel Denny’s Inn, which was a great Hotel, with a nice restaurant, lovely bar, fantastic staff, but most importantly an awesome pool.

Denny's Inn Pool

The pool was essential as temperatures were rising to 35C in the shade. It was suggested ‘in that case you should try and stay out of the shade’.

DimExcuses on Tour

A cooling dip was needed on the hour every hour, and this pool even had a deep end (As demonstrated by Lewis here). You don’t see that in UK hotel pools much anymore.

Lewis of the Deep

I was amazed by these little birds that were always dipping in the water and pottering around us at the edge of the pool.

Pool Birds

They had plans to eat the insects that had plans to eat me, so welcome pool buddies.


More nature and tourism together.

Pool Buddies

I also saw a lot of bats at night, unusually close to the sea, probably due to the unlimited mosquito food source.

Zante Birds

Our party was a little less tranquil around the pool.

Ready to launch

With the lads making the most of Denny’s Inn keeping the pool stocked up with inflatables.

Zante 2015



Sharon and I took a shades on underwater selfie amidst the shenanigans.

Underwater Shades On Selfie

It was a lovely pool and a good base for the rest of my Greece adventures, where I saw more wildlife than just the pool birds…

Zante Birds

I have some more Zante posts to come, but basically it is all Greek to me, DimExcuses.

Summer Finally Arrives in Gower. Pobbles Bay, 10th June 2015.

View of Three Cliffs from Pobbles Bay

After a poor start to June summer has finally shown up. Sharon, Molly and I are on annual leave so we were lucky enough to get down Pobbles Bay, which was shining in the sun and enjoying a little surf on high tide. It was very different to when I took photos the last time I was here on high tide, which was on a spring evening.

Pobbles High Tide

Molly was enjoying the sun and climbing all over rocks, having a good look at the sea. The water was spectacularly clear.

Molly on the Rocks

She has no fear on the limestone cliffs…

Bulldog on the Rocks

…and is equally at home in the sea.

Swimming French Bulldog

Whatever it takes to get her ball.

Water Ball

Another successful fetch.


The west cliffs of Pobbles Bay give you a very different perspective on the famous three cliffs of Three Cliffs Bay.

Three Cliffs

Molly was having a good look.

Three Cliffs Bulldog

She spotted these to kayakers making the most of the high tide in the sun. What a spectacular place for a paddle under the three cliffs.

Kayak Watch

Molly and I got a quick AONB selfie.

Molly and Me.

 Sharon and her mum were also soaking up the sun.

Sharon & Susan

While this horse and rider were taking a dip to cool off.

Horse Riding Gower

Pobbles Bay is spectacular on high tide, but it is amazing with a few waves and the sun too.

Pobbles Bay, Gower

Almost enough to make you jump in for a swim.

Pobbles Bay

It has taken me a couple of days to write this as I have been out enjoying the sun, but today the drizzle is back, but I am sure the sun will make another appearence this June and when it does we will be out and about again, DimExcuses.


The Sunniest Day of 2015 so far, Sunday February 8th.

Molly in the Three Cliffs Sun

After a mild start to winter, it has been cold. The end of January and the start of February has been a prolonged cold period with temperatures not tending to reach double figures in the day.

Three Cliffs Valley

But this Sunday we had a glimpse of spring sun to come. A beautiful crisp day without a cloud in the sky. Molly the Frenchton and I took our usual circular walk to Three Cliffs and Pobbles that takes in Three Cliffs Valley from Pennard Castle.

Pennard Castle

Molly loves this walk, especially the sandy paths along the river.

Little Bulldog

Three Cliffs river is called the River Ilston and it has some textbook meanders along the bottom of the valley.

River Ilston

Looking back at this meandering river you can see Pennard Castle on the hill edge looking down on the valley.

Pennard Castle overlooking Ilston River

Three Cliffs was looking majestic in the sun…

Three Cliffs

…as was Molly, showing her French Bulldog and Boston Terrier roots.

Beach Bulldog

Am I the only one who thinks looking at Three Cliffs from Pobbles it looks like a lying dragon? From left to right the cliffs themselves are like crocodile nostrils going into a long nose and a head and eyes in the headland and the shoulders being the hill up from Pobbles to Pennard Cliffs?

Three Cliffs Dragon

Molly wasn’t up for much debate on the subject, preferring to focus on her ball in the sand.

French Bulldog and Ball

Eventually she got tired out and had to lie down in the sand she had churned up.

Tired Bulldog

It is still cold, but what a relief to see a hint of spring to come. Definitely the sunniest day this year, and what a day to get down the beach, DimExcuses.

It is official, tomorrow is the first day of Autumn.

Swansea Bay Sun

Right, how exactly was it decided that tomorrow is the start of Autumn?  It all began with this year’s enthusiastic seasonal rangers in Bryngarw Country Park, Helen & Robin, asking me if they could borrow a marquee for the park’s Autumn Fair tomorrow (Sunday 15th September).  If you would like to go to the fair details can be found on their facebook page.

Earlier in the year I talked about do the seasons start at the start of the month or on the equinox on the 21st?  The DimExcuses definition this year was decided as the equinox.  So I joked with the rangers that Autumn hasn’t officially started.  They replied that you can’t date a natural process!  Hmmm… …some research needed…

It turns out that meteorologists count the 1st of September as the start of Autumn.  Astronomers count the equinoxes as the start because this marks the exact quarter points of the year.  And finally today is fantastic summer day, and tomorrow is looking like a storm and gale force winds, the perfect natural transition.  Therefore we are all right and I officially declare tomorrow Sunday 15th September 2013 the start of DimExcuses Autumn.  So what to do with the last day of this glorious summer?  Get down Gower for the 29 mile Gower Bash bike ride?  I might leave that one for Ade and Paul, good luck guys!  No I decided to dust my bike off and ride down Clyne Valley and onto Swansea Promenade.


And what better to stop for a Latte than the 360 Watersport Centre?  It was absolutely glorious down there, it was like being on the Med!  What a great way to end the Summer, and I invented a whole upside down bike rack without a bike rack thing.  So what will you do with the first day of Autumn?  Why not get your waterproofs on and get down Bryngarw Park for their Autumn fair?  It is covered, I lent them a marquee.  DimExcuses.