Sandbanks, Dorset, DimExcuses Beach Guide.

Sunny Sandbanks

It is that end of summer time of year, and time to do a little UK travel.  So Molly, Sharon and I got packing ready to leave Wild West Wales for some South of England adventures, culminating in surfing Bude, Cornwall in an epic swell, but first stopping off in Sandbanks, Dorset for a DimExcuses Beach Guide. Some were more helpful with the packing than others.

Molly Packing

Leaving Wales it was very evident that Newport is the venue of the NATO Conference this week.  Preparations include this very serious security fence on the M4. I think they have borrowed it from Jurassic Park.

NATO Fence Newport

Sandbanks is a peninsular on the Bournemouth side of Poole harbor. It ends at a chain ferry that ferries cars back and forth from Swanage.  Known as ‘Millionaires Row’ it is famous for its expensive properties and famous residents. As you drive into the peninsular you have all these fantastic properties on your left and the massive expanse of Poole harbor to your right. This part of the harbor is consistently deep throughout getting not much deeper than chest deep at high tide, making it perfect for kite boarding.


Sandbanks beach itself runs the whole length of the other side of the peninsular. Faced with the threat of erosion, the beach is divided into small beach coves separated by rock boulder groynes. This gives the beach a fantastic character.

Sandbanks Groynes

Most of these photos were taken early in the morning when I was taking Molly for her first walk. This means there was no one about and the light and sky were fantastic.

Sandbanks Morning Light

The life guard hut gives Molly a real Baywatch moment in the next picture.

Sandbanks Baywatch Molly

Sandbanks has a legion of beach cleaners and litter-pickers making sure the beach looks pristine when the premiership residents get up. Mechanical sand raking is also still undertaken on this beach, giving Molly a early morning blank canvas.

Sandbanks Raked Blank Canvas

The beach is very popular with dog walkers, swimmers, kite flyers and fishermen. There is a gallery of further images below. It is a very glamorous beach, so if you fancy a sunny moment, enjoying the sand on Millionaires Row get down there, DimExcuses.