Puppy Molly at Pobbles Bay November 2013


My last two blog entries have been well received.  The first was about our new French bulldog puppy Molly and the second was the fantastic Pobbles Bay Gower, in all its autumn glory.  So I thought why not combine the two.  Puppy meet Pobbles, Pobbles meet Puppy.

Three Cliffs Bay

With the tide going out it was a great opportunity for Molly to run on the beach.  Molly also brought her friend Eddie.  Here is a puppy’s eye view of the sea and Eddie.

Molly looks out

Molly certainly likes the beach.


And Pobbles is great Gower beach with fantastic views across Three Cliffs Bay. Eddie was braving the sea, but Molly wasn’t going that far.

Fun in the sea

We pretty much had the whole bay to ourselves with the majestic Three Cliffs themselves in the background.

Three Cliffs

There was a moody little autumn wave in the bay too.

Three Cliffs Bay

A great day, followed by Sunday Lunch in the Valley Pub, Bishopston. What a good way to end November, lots more of Molly exploring Gower in December and 2014. DimExcuses.