You can take the boy out of Wales… Surfing France 2013

French Beach Break

I just realised that I hadn’t posted these photos or video.  Back in July we decided at DimExcuses that we would take our van and boards and go and surf some french beaches in the sun for a change.  Taking the ferry across to Brittany, we headed for the Cote de Sauvage.  And what a beach and break we found!

Matt catches a sweet one

With the sun shining, we went in with bodyboards and Mini Mal.  We had an epic morning session just wearing boardshorts.

Surf France

After a break to shelter from the midday sun, we went back in on the incoming tide.

DimExcusesSurf France

The waves were a lovely size and the french surfers were really showing us how it was done.


I had got my short sleeve summer suit on at this time because the water was reasonably cool.


It was a lovely change to be in the warm European water.


There was a great shape to the waves too.


The riders on the SUPs and longboard were able to take the waves really early.


They still left a few waves for me.


There were some really great lefty breaks, which was brilliant for me as a goofy footer facing the wave (balls to the wall).


What a fantastic sunny time, but all things must come to an end, and we had to load the van up and come home to Wales.


Here is a short video slideshow of the whole trip.  Music by Incubus ‘Wish You Were Here’.  Definitely coming back next year, DimExcuses.

Walk & Surf Newgale Bay Pembrokeshire. May Bank Holidays 2013

Newgale looking NorthMy blog has been very Wales, but not wild enough or west enough.  I hope to make up for that with one of the wildest West Wales beaches you can visit, Newgale Bay in Pembrokeshire.  Driving from Haverfordwest you soon seen the spectacular cliffs surrounding the bay and then the massive pebble storm beach that acts as a wall between the beach and the land.  The bay then moves into a flat valley when there is Newgale Campsite, Newsurf shop, Sands Cafe and the Duke of Edinburgh Pub.  Click on the names to go to their websites.


It is a beautiful beach.  You can walk along the pebbles of the storm beach or along the wide beach itself.  Watch out though the sea can come right up to the pebbles.

Newgale Pebbles

It can be quite windy too, as I said Wild West Wales!  But if that wind is offshore it can create some really spectacular waves.  Newgale is also a great base to explore Pembrokeshire.  St. Davids, UK’s smallest city because it has a cathedral, is just a few miles drive (or ride on the Puffin Bus) away.  Here are the Puffin Shuttle timetables.  There are loads of other bays to discover like Caerfai Bay below, but that is a different blog.  Go visit and explore, DimExcuses.

Caerfai Bay

Newgale is very exposed to the sea and this means there is always some surf.  It is an ideal place for the learning surfer (Newsurf offers a range of lessons) and the experienced wave rider.  This surf was a bit small on the end of May Bank Holiday but on the first Bank Holiday it was a real fun size and the sun came out.  We took a load of photos and I have edited them into this short film.  The music is by Welsh musician Gavin Butler from the acoustic album ‘Ghosts and Echoes’ with Neil Starr.