Storm Watch


Some of the most popular posts I did last year when on the Winter storms and the resulting beach and sand erosion.  Of special interest were the January storm surges where high tides coincided with powerful storms to wreak havoc along the Welsh coast. You can read those posts in these links:


Gower Code Red. Storm Surge January 2014

Where has the sand gone? Storm Surge Beach Erosion Pobbles, Gower Jan 2013.

Gower Spring (Bulldog) Walks – Rhossili March 2014

I aim to be out and about in Winter and Spring 2015, keeping you up to date with any storms, storm surges and the resulting in coast erosion I see in Gower, South Wales. Hopefully documenting how climate change is effecting our Welsh beaches and coast. I will add the links from this storm watch below.


StormWatch Gower January 2015

StormWatch Caswell Bay Dusk 6th March 2015.

StormWatch Surf Bulldog, Caswell Bay 29th March 2015

StormWatch Langland Bay Going Off 7th November 2015


Stormwatch. After the wind drops the surf rises up. Langland / Caswell 2nd January 2016


StormWatch Low Sun & Low Tide, Caswell to Langland Bay, January 2017.

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