Mentro 5. The Gloves Are Off, Rhossili, 10th May 2015.


It is just a little too cold for not wearing gloves in the water yet. I regretted my choice not to use gloves surfing this Sunday at Rhossili. It was quite painful in the 10C water combined with 13C air temperature.

It is surprising how quick they go numb though and then it isn’t a problem, and surfing without gloves is a much better experience even if a bit nippy.

This was the fifth session in my #Mentro21 project to venture out in the surf at least 21 times this year. Mentro 3 was a bit too small, Mentro 4 was a bit too big, so was this session the Goldilocks conditions that would be just right?

It was totally cloudy and Rhossili was very quiet with my car quite lonely in the car park newly acquired by the National Trust.


The surf was a consistent one foot with noticeable two foot sets that you could see coming in dark and tall above the other waves. The south cross shore wind was creating steep faces. I was joined by another DimExcuses surfer, Darren, keen to make these trips a regular thing this year and beyond with plans to form the Sandbar Surf & Social Club.

2015-05-10 17.06.55-01_wm

So five sessions down in the #Mentro21 project and sixteen to go! The gloves are off and staying off. I am now looking forward to when the boots and winter suit can come off, DimExcuses.

2 thoughts on “Mentro 5. The Gloves Are Off, Rhossili, 10th May 2015.

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