Among the White Bluebells, Three Cliffs & Pobbles, 9th May 2015.

Molly in the Bluebells

Just like the light, weather and the tides, the flowers change with every walk along the coast. Sometimes you see something rare or new, and sometimes you learn something, like not all bluebells are blue!

Gower Bulldogs and Bluebells

After a great start to spring in April, May has been a bit cold and wet. But today some unexpected sun came out, so Molly and I headed for the Gower beaches. Our winter haunts of Caswell and Langland are unavailable because of the summer dog restrictions. So our fallback option is always our Pennard Castle, Three Ciffs and Pobbles Bay loop.

Eye on the Ball

Getting to Pennard Castle it is essential to get a picture of Three Cliffs Valley.

Three Cliffs Valley

But with an impatient bulldog we were soon in the valley…

Three Cliffs Valley

…and then in the sea.

Surf Bulldog

This dog is not scared of the water when fetch and a ball is involved.

Molly Surf Bulldog

Molly was loving the sea at Three Cliffs, this falling tide giving a fantastic view of Great Tor in the background.

Molly Pobbles

Enough about the French Bulldog, I promised you bluebells that aren’t blue! Spring is a little bit late turning up this year but that hasn’t stopped the bluebells. Molly is loving them as you can see above. There are loads and loads of them on the walk up from Pobbles, but if you look really carefully you may find these white bluebells.

White Blue Bells

The primroses were the first to come out this year and we have had a bumper crop, now they are giving way to hoard of bluebells (some of which may not be blue). Get out there and see what you can spot, DimExcuses.

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