Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire, DimExcuses Beach Guide.

Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire

With a massive expanse of sand, Llansteffan is one of the best dog walking beaches in South Wales.

Llansteffan, DimExcuses Beach Guide

It is a short drive from Carmarthen through Johnstown. There is free parking, public toilets, a small cafe and a fish & chips vendor. There are views across the estuary to Ferryside and the Arriva Wales train can be seen as it takes it coastal route towards Swansea.

All the gang, Molly, Rocky & Sadie.

The geology is striking with alternating layers of sedimentary rock showing deposition in reducing conditions to create grey layers often interchanging to oxidising conditions to create contrasting red layers. Or in less technical terms rocks that look like streaky bacon.

Bacon Rock

These pictures courtesy of @lizzieLoubi on twitter.

Red & Grey Layers

There is a holy spring that feeds into a river that enters the bay. It is a great rehydrating spot for thirsty dogs.

Llansteffan River

Molly has to go further into the archway than anyone else.

Molly tunnel explorer

Molly and Sadie the springer love this river. It is a real cooling stop.

Molly and Sadie in the river.

There is plenty of room at Llansteffan to run a pack of dogs. Our little pack of Molly, Sadie and Rocky love it there.

The Carmarthen Pack

When not running on the beach they are exploring the rocks.

Molly and Sadie

Llansteffan beach is an essential stop on a visit to Carmarthen, especially if you have a dog. Try it next time you are heading to Wild West Wales, DimExcuses.

2 thoughts on “Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire, DimExcuses Beach Guide.

  1. Lovely action pictures of Molly and the pack. Particularly like the one of her bombing across the beach so quickly her paws aren’t touching the sand. Our Frenchie Paquito does that sometimes, he’s a little torpedo. Wonderful to see llanstephan again and all it’s wonderful geology. Forgotten all about the holy spring. The resemblance between Molly and Paquito is uncanny. He’s basically Molly, but stockier. We were down visiting Pobbles last weekend, tide was on the turn and Paquito was doing his little dance in the sand, such was his happiness to be back! Much the same for us. We were sorry Molly wasn’t on the beach to say hello! Thank you dim excuses for your blogs and lovely photos, you help keep us in touch with what we miss most about Gower and west Wales – the coastline. And we love the part Molly plays in it all.

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