Long spring evenings when you get Pobbles Bay to yourself. 17th April 2015.

Spring evenings when you get the beach to yourself.

Spring is here and the longer light is coaxing the sunny days to come in behind it. I made the effort to get Molly the bulldog and I straight down Pobbles Bay, Gower after work today, and it paid off as we had the bay at high tide to ourselves.

Spring Evening Pobbles Bay Gower

There was little wind, some gentle clouds and a perfect spring evening to be enjoyed.

Perfect Spring Evening

Arriving at high tide meant the view was fantastic…

High Tide Pobbles

…but no beach for us.

Lookout Molly

There are places you can go at Pobbles, if you know your cliff paths, but as always know your limitations and take care of yourselves. The cliffs and boulders Molly and I explore require agility and a lot of local knowledge.

High Tide Pobbles Bulldog

But it does give you some very different views of Pobbles and Three Cliffs Bay.


The high tide and evening light really made the bay atmospheric for just Molly and I to take in on our own.

Molly Pobbles

We caught the bay at a great light for when the tide was so high.

Moody Spring Evening Pobbles

Molly was happy exploring the cliff paths.

Molly Cliff Exploring

The views really were fantastic.

Spring Evening Gower

But this was a quick visit, we were there and back in an hour and a half. Yet Molly still found the only muddy puddle.

In every muddy puddle

Pennard gossip alert! On the way home I noticed someone is seriously doing up the Three Cliffs overlooking dream house Shirecombe.


Molly had her serious face on at accusations of being in muddy puddles, but apparently ‘it was a similar looking dog’…

Muddy Molly

So the lesson is, make the most of your spring evenings and score those empty Gower beaches to yourself, DimExcuses.

8 thoughts on “Long spring evenings when you get Pobbles Bay to yourself. 17th April 2015.

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