Sun, Sand, Sea and a Bulldog, Caswell Bay, Easter Saturday 2015.

Sun, Sea, Sand and a Bulldog, Caswell.

A hit and miss Good Friday left us with a cloudy windy day that there wasn’t much you could do with. Easter Saturday started in a similar way, but by eleven it was looking like spring had finally turned up for Easter. By 1pm the sun was out and the roads to Mumbles and Gower were starting to fill.

Molly Caswell

With a low tide early afternoon and still a little wind around, Caswell Bay was an obvious choice for a sun afternoon, so much so the car park was totally full. After a little while we squeezed the van in and Molly, Sharon and I were on the beach.

Molly and Sharon, Caswell

It didn’t take long to bump into some family members who had had the same idea and this little spanner who is the the latest edition to the Bidder / Blackmore / O’Brien clan.

Baby Spanner and Bulldog

Molly was all over the beach with so much sand to sprint on, but it wasn’t long before she was in the sea…

Molly in the Sea

…under the waves…

Spot the Bulldog

…add leaving vapor trails on her sprint out.

Bulldog Vapor Trails

It really was a family day out with Sharon getting Molly to tow the line.


When Sharon wasn’t coercing her into the odd selfie…

Sharon Molly Selfie

…or two!


And even I got in a few of the selfies.

DimExcuses & Molly

One with even Sharon and I in it, Molly was taking the picture.

Mark & Sharon

But it wasn’t long before she wanted back in the lime light.

Molly Caswell.

If that French Bulldog Cross isn’t in the sea, she is in the rock pools.

Rock Pool Molly

And Caswell has plenty of rock pools at low tide.

Strike a Pose

Caswell Bay is a fantastic stretch of sand more than it is a rock pool safari like Pobbles Bay. So today like any other Molly the Bulldog was all over the Caswell beach.

Molly Caswell Sand

Which left us with one small problem, how to get this beach bulldog to agree to get off the beach?

Molly Caswell

So with a late start it has been an awesome Easter Saturday, which leaves one question, what beach are you going to tomorrow? We are off to Newgale, DimExcuses.

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