StormWatch Surf Bulldog, Caswell Bay, March 29th 2015


It has been a pretty dark, wet and windy weekend, culminating in 50 to 60 mph winds today.  With my swaying fence looking like it won’t make it to April and the scafolding groaning on the roof, I decided ignorance is bliss and headed down to a dark Caswell Bay with Molly and Sharon.


The Gower Live Website was saying Caswell had head to overhead surf, but with this wind it was a nasty mess. If you could get out through the punishing white water there was a head high face, but it was looking dark and mean.


Several surfers were giving it a try, and fair play some serious waves were getting ridden. We on the other hand we staying with playing stick in the shallows.


Two surfers decided to brave it with short boards. Molly ran down to give them some heavy swell pointers.


Before focusing back on her stick.


People tell you French bulldogs don’t swim, but Molly says different.


And if she is not in the sea she is in the river.


Looking majestic as always.


This is one surf bulldog looking forward to the end of StormWatch and for a spring to emerge.


One thing is sure, whatever the weather we will be down the Gower beaches, DimExcuses.

2 thoughts on “StormWatch Surf Bulldog, Caswell Bay, March 29th 2015

  1. Hello to Molly from her biggest Frenchie fan Paquito, AKA Bucks. He’s in awe of her and so are we. Bucks doesn’t do water in the way Molly does. He ‘tinkers’ with his sticks at the tides edge, occasionally flicking a bit of seaweed, always one eye on the waves! But we love it when he occasionally mis-judges and gets a bit wet. He’s also naughty, so we can’t leave him off lead if there are big dogs about (no manners). Maybe one day we’ll meet Molly down Pobbles and she can entice him in and Bucks can show off his circuit running skills! Fingers crossed.

    • Hi Bucks and family, glad you like Molly’s Gower Beach adventures. Molly doesn’t like to go much out of her depth in the waves. She will swim quite a bit in the lake at Kenfig. We started her early playing fetch in rock pools. Even then she will choose problem solving to get the ball over a swim every time. Pobbles is one of our most visited beaches, so I am sure sometime you will see us 🙂

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