My Wild Life. Any Given Sunday, Bulldog on the Beach.

Molly is the Queen of Three Cliffs

This post is mostly French Bulldog photos, some of the best I have taken of my dog Molly.  In honor of the current ‘My Wild Life‘ campaign that wants to show what wildlife and wild places mean to us all, I just wanted to show our wild life enjoying the Gower beaches all year, in all weathers.

It is all about the sticks

In not uncommon DimExcuses style, all these photos are taken at Three Cliffs Bay and Pobbles Bay on a 5 km walk route Molly and I often use.

Molly Cave Explorer

A photographer once told me that the hardest thing to photograph is a black dog. He wasn’t wrong. So it was great that we finally got some strong sun to bring out the contrast and shadows that show Molly’s features which the camera usually struggles to pick up.

French Bulldog Face

Molly was happy to model in the sunshine.

French Bulldog Molly

The tide was out this Sunday, so Molly had a great expanse to play stick…

Playing Stick

…or just get her roll on!

Molly Roll

Three Cliffs Bay is amazing on any day, but the real first sun of 2015 really made it a great walk.

Three Cliffs Sun

But mainly at the moment it is all about the sticks for Molly…

Molly at Three Cliffs

…with a few rolls in between (there is a pattern forming here).

Frenchton Roll

A ball does break the cycle a little.

Frenchton and Ball

So that is My Wild Life, making the most of the Gower beaches the wild Frenchton.

Wild Frenchton

Sometimes we see cormorants, sometimes we see seals and we always see seagulls, Molly is working on her stalk to catch one (hopefully she will never achieve that), but for the moment it is all about the sticks.

Talk to the bum cause the face ain't listening

So why not tell us about your Wild Life? Just use #MyWildLife on social media, DimExcuses.

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