The Sunniest Day of 2015 so far, Sunday February 8th.

Molly in the Three Cliffs Sun

After a mild start to winter, it has been cold. The end of January and the start of February has been a prolonged cold period with temperatures not tending to reach double figures in the day.

Three Cliffs Valley

But this Sunday we had a glimpse of spring sun to come. A beautiful crisp day without a cloud in the sky. Molly the Frenchton and I took our usual circular walk to Three Cliffs and Pobbles that takes in Three Cliffs Valley from Pennard Castle.

Pennard Castle

Molly loves this walk, especially the sandy paths along the river.

Little Bulldog

Three Cliffs river is called the River Ilston and it has some textbook meanders along the bottom of the valley.

River Ilston

Looking back at this meandering river you can see Pennard Castle on the hill edge looking down on the valley.

Pennard Castle overlooking Ilston River

Three Cliffs was looking majestic in the sun…

Three Cliffs

…as was Molly, showing her French Bulldog and Boston Terrier roots.

Beach Bulldog

Am I the only one who thinks looking at Three Cliffs from Pobbles it looks like a lying dragon? From left to right the cliffs themselves are like crocodile nostrils going into a long nose and a head and eyes in the headland and the shoulders being the hill up from Pobbles to Pennard Cliffs?

Three Cliffs Dragon

Molly wasn’t up for much debate on the subject, preferring to focus on her ball in the sand.

French Bulldog and Ball

Eventually she got tired out and had to lie down in the sand she had churned up.

Tired Bulldog

It is still cold, but what a relief to see a hint of spring to come. Definitely the sunniest day this year, and what a day to get down the beach, DimExcuses.

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