A well worn path. The DimExcuses Big Gower Walk 2014.

DimExcuses Big Gower Walk 2014

Wow! Christmas is days away and what a busy Autumn it has been. The water has remained warm enough to surf right into November. It seems long ago, back in September that 17 of us headed off on our annual DimExcuses Big Gower Walk, that we do to signify the end of summer. You can see last years’ DimExcuses Big Gower Walk 2013 here.

Big Gower Walkers

As usual we all met up on the first Gower bus of the day and headed for Rhossili.  We stepped out in the fresh morning air, past this carcass (possibility a walker from previous years who didn’t make it).

Past the bones

It is a forced march from Rhosilli Bay to Fall Bay and Mewslade, taking in the breath-taking limestone cliffs before getting to Port Eynon for a well earned breakfast. We even told the cafe we were coming this year (well done Amanda)!

DimExcuses Breakfast

From Port Eynon we then took the Gower part of the All Wales Coastal Path around the coast to Oxwich Bay and a swift pint in the hotel.

Oxwich Bay Pint

After we de-fib-ed anyone who bought a round and had a coronary at the eye watering bar prices we set off across the sand of Oxwich Bay beach in a race to get around Little Tor before the tide cut us off.

Oxwich Bay

After successfully negotiating Little Tor, we were not as lucky with Great Tor which was now covered by the rising tide. This forced us (like in previous years) up and over the Tor and down into the legendary Three Cliffs Bay.

Great Tor

Three Cliffs Bay looked fantastic on what was now nearly a full high tide.

Three Cliffs Bay, Big Gower Walk

Up and over the sand dunes again then, to come down in Pobbles Bay and make the climb out of the valley towards the Southgate Club for more ‘refreshments’.


The last leg of the DimExcuses Big Gower Walk takes us across Pennard Cliffs and down into the picturesque Pwll Du Bay, before the final push to the Joiners Arms in Bishopston.

Joiners Arms, Bishopston, Gower

Here is a gallery of the full 19 miles from Rhossili to Bishopston. Click on an image to start the slideshow.

Another year, another Big Gower Walk done, you should come next year, DimExcuses!

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