Caerfai Bay, DimExcuses Beach Guide.

Caerfai Bay

It is all about the jet stream. The fast passage of air that ruined summer two years ago. Well it is due to move south and when it does this sun will go and in comes the rain. So make the most of South Wales beaches while you can. Take advantage of this second DimExcuses Beach Guide and discover Caerfai Bay, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire.

DimExcuses Walk Caerfai Bay

If you park at the visitor centre as you enter the ‘City’ of St. Davids, you can take the 10 minute walk down the road between the visitor centre and the car park to Caerfai Bay which is a sheltered bay just South West of St. Davids.

Caerfai Cove

You can just sit on the headland and drink in the picturesque blue bay or walk down to discover this tranquil cove.

Blue Caerfai Bay

The beach is not on the Pembrokeshire summer dog ban list. so this a great bay if you are visiting wild West Wales with your dog. Our surf French Bulldog cross, Molly loves Caerfai Bay.

Adventures Of Molly

She was straight in the sea with a gang of newly found mates.

Molly Caerfai

Caerfai Bay is a very sheltered and calm bay so is ideal for water sports. The walk down is tricky so maybe it isn’t ideal for getting your kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) down there. But it is ideal for snorkeling. I as always imagine there might be some perfect waves if the right storm comes in, but I always think that of every bay. Maybe a blog post in the future.


So what are you waiting for? Get ahead of that rain and discover a Wild West Wales beach tomorrow, DimExcuses.

Abereiddy Bay, DimExcuses Beach Guide.

Wow what a hot week! I really should have been hard at work writing my DimExcuses Beach Guides so you would know where to go this weekend. Well better late than never, here is my first DimExcuses Beach Guide, Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

2014-06-21 13.03.41

On the all Wales coastal path, Abereiddy Bay is just North West of St. Davids. You can access the bay from a country lane that ends at the beach car park. It is a distinctly black sanded beach from the slate geology that makes up the bay. Molly, some friends and I explored Abereiddy back in June, on a sunny Saturday. If you follow the path at the North tip of the Bay you can walk around to the famous Blue Lagoon (Blue Pool), a flooded slate quarry loved by divers.

2014-06-21 12.33.46

Molly’s friend Bailey, the chocolate Labrador, is no diver but he was straight in Blue Lagoon to cool down.

2014-06-21 12.38.23

After Bailey’s dip we walked back around to Abereiddy Bay itself. Which raised the question – ‘which way to the acorn?’:)

2014-06-21 13.09.31

The black sand of Abereiddy Bay is a natural heat source in the sun, and the sheltered nature of the bay is a sun trap. Molly basked in the sun watching Nicola and Mark launch their Kayaks.


Abereiddy Bay is perfect for water sports. Apparently it can get a surf-able wave. Now that I would like to see! This weekend the conditions were ideal for the Kayaks.


Definitely a bay for people who like to get in the water or at least skim pebbles.


So there it is the first DimExcuses Beach Guide, watch out for more to follow. Get out and explore them, DimExcuses.


Camping at Croesgoch near St. Davids, West Wales. June 2014.

Molly Camping

With the recent sunshine I finished work early and jumped in the van to head out into wild west Wales. There was not even a threat of a ripple in terms of surf so we didn’t even take a board.

Molly and Sharon

Obviously Molly and Sharon came with me. Molly loves a DimExcuses trip to wild west Wales.

VW Molly

We got a pitch at Llainpropert Camping at Croesgoch just outside St. Davids. Llainpropert Campsite is the birth place of Unsunghero surf company, who now have a new surf shop complete with coffee bar in St. Davids. Here is the Llainpropert Campsite website, and here is the Unsunghero website.

Molly on her Blanket

The campsite was our base to do some DimExcuses beach guides. Blogs will follow with beach guides to Abereiddy and Caerfai Bay. But disaster struck for our friend’s with us (Nicole, Mark, James, Mia and dogs Dobbie & Bailey), they bought a tent for the trip but on opening it they found the wrong tent but the right poles. A ruined weekend ahead was saved by Stephen from Llainpropert camping who lent them his tent! What a legend, and what a welcoming site!

Molly at Llainpropert

Bulldog beach adventures and DimExcuses beach guide photography can’t go un-fueled so we nipped to Porthgain which is only a few miles from the campsite for some awesome fish & chips in the Shed restaurant. The Shed website can be found here. Fish & Chips done we caught the sun setting on the Porthgain village fishing port.

Porthgain Sunset

The campsite is not far from St. Davids, so we stopped there on our way home. Visiting the Bench Ice Cream shop we discovered they do canine ice cream! Here is Molly tucking into a caramelized bacon ice cream complete with wafer.

Canine Ice Cream

Here is the website for the Bench Ice Cream shop.  Molly got a quick dip in the ford in St. Davids and then we were heading home.

Molly in the Ford

A great weekend, a great place and a great campsite. A good base for your wild west Wales adventures, DimExcuses.