…and in the Sea. Pwll Du, Gower. June 2014

Sea Molly

This follows on from my last post as I had a lot of photos from our June day down Pwll Du Bay, Gower. I had a really nice message here on WordPress saying how much they liked the pictures of Molly going in the sea. Very brave for a french bulldog, I think it is the terrier in her. So in response to that, plenty of Molly in sea action in this post. Also some pictures my girlfriend Sharon and her friends venturing into the Gower surf for a body surf.

They do their own stunts

They do all their own stunts.


Molly will swim if it is not too rough but she is happier playing fetch within her depth. She loves the water though.

Molly wading

She is not afraid to get her head under if fetch is involved, but the waves were a little big for her to brave swimming.


Sharon was making the most of the small but well formed surf…

Sharon Pwll Du

…even catching me for a between waves selfie.

DimExcuses Surf Selfie

Here is a sequence of three pictures I got using the burst function on the camera. It is all taken on one wave in about a second.

On the Crest

Starting to break.

Broken Wave

Well and truly broken. Not everyone comes out the other side.

Breaking Wave

Molly was still paddling about too.

Molly Paddling

On the crest of another wave.

Breaking Wave

And right in the face of this wave.

Catching a Wave

Here is a sea surface eye view of one of the waves coming into Pwll Du Bay.

Pwll Du Wave

Well that is all my Pwll Du in the sea pictures.  It is a great Gower beach. I have been further west since then and will be doing a few posts on lesser known wild west Wales beaches. It is warm enough now for going in the sea for a quick dip without a wetsuit, or at least just a summer one. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get wet, DimExcuses.

3 thoughts on “…and in the Sea. Pwll Du, Gower. June 2014

  1. Hi there, thanks for the great blog. Can I have permission to use your image of the debris on Pobbles Beach for a community litter pick poster and Facebook event? Many thanks.

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