…and in the Sea. Pwll Du, Gower. June 2014

Sea Molly

This follows on from my last post as I had a lot of photos from our June day down Pwll Du Bay, Gower. I had a really nice message here on WordPress saying how much they liked the pictures of Molly going in the sea. Very brave for a french bulldog, I think it is the terrier in her. So in response to that, plenty of Molly in sea action in this post. Also some pictures my girlfriend Sharon and her friends venturing into the Gower surf for a body surf.

They do their own stunts

They do all their own stunts.


Molly will swim if it is not too rough but she is happier playing fetch within her depth. She loves the water though.

Molly wading

She is not afraid to get her head under if fetch is involved, but the waves were a little big for her to brave swimming.


Sharon was making the most of the small but well formed surf…

Sharon Pwll Du

…even catching me for a between waves selfie.

DimExcuses Surf Selfie

Here is a sequence of three pictures I got using the burst function on the camera. It is all taken on one wave in about a second.

On the Crest

Starting to break.

Broken Wave

Well and truly broken. Not everyone comes out the other side.

Breaking Wave

Molly was still paddling about too.

Molly Paddling

On the crest of another wave.

Breaking Wave

And right in the face of this wave.

Catching a Wave

Here is a sea surface eye view of one of the waves coming into Pwll Du Bay.

Pwll Du Wave

Well that is all my Pwll Du in the sea pictures.  It is a great Gower beach. I have been further west since then and will be doing a few posts on lesser known wild west Wales beaches. It is warm enough now for going in the sea for a quick dip without a wetsuit, or at least just a summer one. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get wet, DimExcuses.

On the beach… Pwll Du, Gower. June 2014

Pwll Du

Wow, I have so busy in wild west Wales the last few weeks! There is so much stuff and nonsense to blog about. Hasn’t June turned out really great in Wales this year. Firstly I managed to do a load of surfing at Rhossili and a first time surf at Sker beach. Sorry no photos from those, but I did get a cracking day out with friends and our dogs down Pwll Du, Gower. Firstly I am going to tell you about the beach fun and then later post a second blog entry about the fun we had in the Sea.

Molly Pwll Du

Molly had a real good explore of the beach, having a good sniff at these crab remains above. We were also joined by Dobbie the amazing sand camouflage dog, can you spot him in the photo below?

Camouflage Dog

Here is me and Dobbie chillaxing in the sun.

DimExcuses Dobbie

Molly had a great run around on Pwll Du beach.

Go Molly!

She loves a game of fetch.


We then had a great dip in the small Gower surf that was coming into Pwll Du Bay, but that is the next blog post. After a long day we climbed out of Bishopston Valley to get this great view of Brandy Cove to Caswell Bay.

Brandy Cove to Caswell Bay

So get ready for a few more posts this week, as I continue to catch up, DimExcuses.

Walks & Waves Between The Showers. Pennard Castle to Pobbles Bay, Gower.

Pennard Castle sign

It amazes me how much summer spoils us. We moan the weather is not too good and use it for an excuse no to get out and about. How quickly we forget that we would race to get a 1 hour stroll in drizzle racing against a 4:30 pm sunset in January.  We would have killed for a day like today back then. But we are put off by intermittent black skies and heavy rain showers.  We allow ourselves to not see the glorious June sunshine between the showers.

Driver Molly

Today (07/05/14) had a really bad forecast, some proper rainstorms. I awoke this morning to the first one. A quick weather check and it looked like there was a 2 hour window of sun between 12 pm and 2 pm before the storms came in again. So I set out down South Gower to squeeze a walk in, once we convinced Molly she can’t have the driver’s seat in the van.

Gower Traffic

We had to deal with some heavy South Gower traffic of the bovine variety before starting in the village of Pennard.

Gower Road Block

I tracked the whole walk on strava here.

Pennard Castle

A quick walk across the golf course (sticking to the path marked by white stones and being aware of golfers), we soon turned a corner to see Pennard Castle. Molly quickly added ‘Castle Explorer’ to her list of skills.

#AdventuresOfMolly Castle Explorer

Pennard Castle is the best place to take in the magnificent Three Cliffs Bay. Here is in all its glory.

Three Cliffs Bay DimExcuses

Molly even stopped for a moment to take it all in next to Sharon.

Molly taking in Three Cliffs Bay

Then because the tide was in we took the boardwalk path along the top of Three Cliffs Bay. We wouldn’t want to make the mistake we did last time the tide was in! This allowed us to look back and get this view of Pennard Castle.

Pennard Castle

The boardwalk path is these days mainly sand, but does bring you right out onto the shoulder of Three Cliffs Bay, which is also a great place to take photograph.

Three Cliffs Bay at High Tide

The tide was in and it was one of those rare times Pobbles has waves. There was even a surfer in if you can spot him. There is a post about waves (or lack of them) at Pobbles Bay, here. If you want to see Pobbles waves really working you can see some rare images here on Flickr, captured by Photographer Carolyn Seager, checkout her site.

Three Cliffs Surf

Once again Molly and Sharon stopped to take in the view.

Molly & Sharon Three Cliffs Bay

But we couldn’t stop long, our 2 hour sunshine window was up and the sky was bruising. We made our way to Molly’s favourite beach Pobbles. Molly was stopped in her tracks by the sight of waves in Pobbles Bay!

Molly checking out Pobbles Waves

But she was soon up to her neck in the surf playing fetch.

Molly Surf

In and out like a bullet.

Like a bullet Bulldog!

We got rained on during the walk back to the van, but it is so warm at the moment it didn’t matter. Apparently the weather tomorrow is the same, so why not see if you can fit in some walks & waves between the showers, DimExcuses.