Sunbeams & Seaweed. Low Tide Pobbles Bay. May 2014.

Sunbeams & Seaweed. Low Tide Pobbles Bay

Apologies for the lack of blog updates, but I have been making the most of the weather and getting out and about in the Gower beaches and parks. Making the most of the beach access before the May to September dog ban at Caswell and Langland Bay. I have also been enjoying the last of the spring swells and seeing some great surf, an example being the header image on this blog taken at Caswell Bay. I have also been using my phone camera a lot more and my proper camera a lot less. The phone camera allows you not only to take great pictures, but also to edit them and upload them quickly that day. You can foilow my photographic exploits and #AdventuresOfMolly on twitter (@DimExcuses) and instagram (@dimexcuses).

Seaweed Pobbles Bay

On Saturday 17th of May, I did manage to get down Pobbles Bay in the Gower and catch some sunbeams and a few proper camera shots. It was a very low tide so Molly (The Frenchton Puppy) and I were able to get down to the rock pools and seaweed beds right at the east tip of the bay below the rocky headland of Shire Coombe.

Molly Pobbles

Molly has been getting braver and braver with the sea and rock pools, venturing deeper more often as the water warms up. This is especially true if it is also a chance to fetch one of her toys.

Molly rock pools

Finally here is a crab’s eye view looking back towards Three Cliffs Bay framed by sunbeams and seaweed.

Sunbeams & Seaweed

So spring is moving into summer, and with two low tides a day, why not go and find some sunbeams and seaweed for yourself, DimExcuses.

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