Where has the sand gone? Storm Surge Beach Erosion Pobbles, Gower Jan 2013.

Pobbles Storm ErosionWith storms still hitting the UK and flooding a constant risk, we on the Gower coast are still reeling from the perfect storm surge combination of massive swell, high tides, and extreme weather of a few weeks ago.  I have seen the damage at Caswell and Langland (you can read the blog here), but I have been getting reports of massive sand erosion at Pobbles Bay, Gower (Just around from Three Cliffs Bay).

Pobbles rocks showing

So yesterday (a wet Saturday) me and Molly the Fenchton (French Bulldog, Boston Terrier cross) decided to go and investigate.

2014-01-18 13.57.18

I am lucky enough to have grown up in Pennard, and as a child of the 70s and 80s I was outside all year in all weathers, often down Pobbles Bay which was walking distance.  So I recall huge changes in sand depth with weather and seasons. Some of these changes were so severe that it triggered debate one whether sand dredging should be stopped in the Bristol Channel.


But even with all that in my minds eye this current erosion is breath taking.

Bedrock exposed at Pobbles

It certainly gave molly a chance to get in the caves and examine the bedrock.

Molly Bedrock

She is turning into a proper geologist.

Geologist Molly

Here is one final picture of Three Cliffs cave, now virtually inaccessible because of the large pools of seawater where the sand should be.

Three Cliffs Cave

But if experience has taught me anything, the weaker weather and lower tides will soon replace the sand before summer. So get down and see it before the rocks are buried again, DimExcuses.

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