Exploring Gower is for life not just Christmas.


Or should I say get down to the beach in all weathers and seasons? How many people just got to Gower in the Summer, or don’t go even though it on their doorstep? Or worst of all only drive to Rhossili when relatives visit to show them ‘how lucky we are to have all this’.


The health and well being benefits of just getting out and about at this time of year are so important, especially when it is dark by 4pm!  That is why we have been making the effort to take Molly (our puppy) down to the Gower beaches this Christmas.


As a side note we have found out that Molly is a ‘Frenchton’, the official name for a French Bulldog, Boston Terrier cross.


The low sun at this time of year really brings out the rugged beauty of the Gower bays.


All these photos were taken at Caswell Bay, which is nice and accessible in all weathers which is great in December.


You also get much of the beach to yourself as everyone else is watching ‘The Great Escape’ (is that still on every Christmas?) with a box of Quality Street on their lap.


So what further encouragement do you need, get up, get out and explore Gower or the rest of South West Wales! Merry Christmas, DimExcuses.