Hot, humid and not a breath of wind. Swansea Bay 10k 2013

Swansea Bay 10k is all about the wind.  It can make or break your run.  The promenade is particularly exposed, with a tailwind behind you from Mumbles you fly, but a head wind from Swansea can really drag you back and evaporate your hopes of a personal best.  But for Swansea Bay 10k 2013 it was a lack of wind that caused the problems, leading to a hotter than normal race.  Combine with that a high humidity that stops you cooling down it was a tough run this year.

Pace Car

Yet that didn’t stop the professional runners, with the leaders getting to me in Blackpill in less than 7 minutes!

Front Runners

And the disciplined pros were soon followed by the other 3000 runners.

Swansea Bay 10k

So let’s have a look at the local heroes running this year.  First up is Survival of the Fittest runner and original ‘No Excuses’ bike rider Luke Millward, smiling through the humidity.  Only 8k to go.


My sister Michelle seems to have lost her long time running mate Sally at this point, and was later to drop out from the humidity at 8k.  But here she is at 2k going strong.


It is so difficult to catch the runners on the way down at 2k, I really just work out who is running, what they are wearing so I can catch them on the way back at 8k.  Rod Davies (supposedly out injured, but surprisingly running pass me) was too fast even on the return, so here is a picture of his back.

Rod Davies

Dave Carrington from Kenfig Nature Reserve, was on his first Swansea Bay race and on his first 10k, but seemed very comfortable at the 8k mark.

Dave Carrington

Matt Bailey was another one moving to fast, so I only got his back on the short hill climb.

Matt Bailey

Darien was next through blackpill, he has done the Swansea Bay 10k several times and wasn’t struggling.


Another hardy Swansea Bay 10k perennial is Chris Marshall from Swansea University.  ‘It is like a tradition to see you sitting up there’ he said to me as he passed.  Admittedly I have been in the same spot every year since 2008!

Chris Marshall

Luke Milward got a second photo this year, he is like the new  Sam Donaldson.

Luke Milward

Talking of Sam Donaldson here he is slightly off the pace but very relieved after being forced to ‘pull a Radcliffe’ at the Lido.

Sam Donaldson

Next up is Laura Bailey, AKA Mrs Russel Bailey, winner of Survival of the Fittest a couple of years ago.


Another year on year Swansea Bay 10k runner is Kelly Shefford, going steady to finish another race.

Kelly Shefford

And finally Muggy (Fay Sharpe supported by Donna Griffths) going above and beyond the call of duty for Macmillian in these hot and humid conditions.


Once again a great race, a great day out, well done the runners, Admiral and the City & County of Swansea for organising so well, and you and I as the much needed support on the way around.  DimExcuses.

6 thoughts on “Hot, humid and not a breath of wind. Swansea Bay 10k 2013

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