Riders on the Storm. Surfing Newgale Pembrokeshire end of July 2013.

DimExcuses for not blogging since July, I have been getting up to all sorts of stuff and nonsense in Wild West Wales.  Finally getting a free weekend at the end of July I noticed that firstly the heat wave was sticking with us and some surf was on the way.


So it jumped on the opportunity to get down Newgale, Pembrokeshire for some more surfing.  I was also joined by some friends on Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP).


The weekend was nice and sunny, but by Saturday night people were packing up with reports of heavy rain in Cardiff, heading for Swansea.  The sky did cloud over and darken but we decided to get in for and evening surf as the storm seemed to pass us in the west.


There was a bonkers strange cloud cover and we got some small waves in the warm evening air.

SUP Newgale

Here is a video slideshow for the evening surfing.  I am now using Vimeo so that you can view the videos on ipads and iphones.  Youtube has been blocking my photo-slideshows because I haven’t cleared the music copyright.

SUP & Surfing Newgale, Pembrokeshire July 27 – 28, 2013 from Mark Blackmore on Vimeo.

And as we finished our evening surf all that was left to do was enjoy the stormy Newgale sunset.

Newgale Sunset

You could even see that stormy sunset as it set in an orange glow behind the pub.



3 thoughts on “Riders on the Storm. Surfing Newgale Pembrokeshire end of July 2013.

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