Some like it hot! Three Cliffs July 14th 2013.


So the summer finally turned up on the Gower peninsular leap froging a virtually non-existent spring.  It has been glorious couple of weeks with this weekend the jewel in the crown of a fantastic July.  So DimExcuses I had to walk down to Gower’s favourite beach, Three Cliffs Bay.


I headed for the left hand (east) side of the bay known as Pobbles when the tide is in, but quickly it becomes part of the magnificent Three Cliffs Bay as the tide retreats.

Three Cliffs Tide In

I manged to take some unusual crab’s eye shots of the bay, which is the most photographed and painted bay in the UK as well as being the iconic centre of Britain’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Crab's eye view

Also as the Swansea Bay Airshow was taking place this weekend a few miles east of Three Cliffs, I managed to photograph the Red Arrows as they buzzed past the bay on their way to thrill visitors on Swansea Seafront.

Red Arrows

I stayed all afternoon and have an orange glow to prove it.  Beware of the sun down the Gower Peninsular, the cool sea breezes hides the strength of the sun.  This allowed me to get some photos with the tide now out.  Three Cliffs Bay has the second highest tidal range in the world.

3 Cliffs Bay

Finally I got this shot of Three Cliffs Bay as I walked home.  I have uploaded some of the photos I took to the 3CliffsBay Website, which encourages visitors and professional photographers to upload, share and show off photos of Three Cliffs Bay on their website.  Why not have a look or even upload your favourite photo when you visit the bay?


Anyway, time to make hay as the sun shines, there is no better time to get out and enjoy Sunny South and Wild West Wales, DimExcuses.